F.O.X. Intermodal Corp.
315 North 14th Street
Kenilworth, New Jersey

Phone: (908) 931-1111
Fax: (908) 931-1123

F.O.X. Intermodal has a very large clientele from many different industries.

F.O.X. Intermodal specializes in wood products including birch plywood, hardwood flooring, decking and many other species of wood. We are very familiar with different sizes and grades of all wood products.  

F.O.X. Intermodal also caters to the food industry and we handle tomatoes, pastas, juices, olive oil and other specialty items.

F.O.X. Intermodal also services the cosmetic industry with many glass and component products in our warehouse. We deliver to and from on a daily basis to all of the co packers and manufacturers.

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